Sofia Simões, Estoril, 2018

Sofia Simões, Estoril, 2018


Mixed media. Acrylic on canvas. Dim.: 120x150 cm

Painting depicted the body of a female figure sitting cross-legged. In the background, we identified some buildings, among them, on the left side, the Correios do Estoril building on the edge of Marginal Avenue. The female figure, leaning over the back of the chair, is dressed with a black dress, quite short and tight, showing us her long legs uncovered. This detail, along with the posture of the figure and the movement of his body, give the composition an undeniable sensuality which characterises the work of the artist, Sofia Simões, and provokes the much desired reaction in the spectator.

Signed lower right corner, “Sofia Simões”.

Ref.: A180224

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